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� After a good deal of reluctance he gave in at last, and two curious boys untied the precious parcel, while the others, equally curious, looked over his shoulders at a few old broken fish bones which were all the little bag contained. "I wish you would refresh your memory, mademoiselle," he began, suddenly. "Are you sure鈥攁bsolutely sure that on the night Mr. Wilford was murdered madame was here鈥攖hat she was not out鈥攁t all?" "It was a glorious day, not a ripple stirred the water as our canoe glided over the surface. Not a breath of wind moved the heavy mist which rose and floated with silver transparency over the depths below. We floated rather than paddled down the little river that connected the lakes. The snow-capped peaks of the distant mountains glistened with a radiance that was dazzling as they rose upon our view. It was like fairy-land. Not a bend in the little stream but disclosed some glimpse of unexpected loveliness. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad,鈥?said Lucilla. 鈥淟ook me up when you get there,鈥?she added with a smile. 鈥淚t seems a big place, but it isn鈥檛. Cairo, Luxor, Assouan鈥攁nd at any rate the Semiramis Hotel at Cairo.鈥? "Get in!" said Jack so peremptorily, that in her state of fluster she actually obeyed. caoporn|超碰在线视频 "I should say! I had just left the table鈥攂ut every one see it鈥攜es鈥攁nd hear, too, I think." 鈥淟ike this,鈥?he explained, 鈥渨e do not lose the perfume.鈥? "That's true!" said Bobo, looking wonderfully relieved. � �